Dark Green Promise of Timelessness

The name of this most precious variety of beryl comes from the Latin word smaragdus, which means green. Together with ruby, sapphire and diamond, emerald is one of the hardest minerals. According to its name, the emerald colour oscillates between light green, the colour of grass and dark green. The emerald value depends on its colour, possible impurities or quality. The most precious ones are pure, dark green emeralds. They can be more expensive than diamonds. Emeralds have been the pride of royal treasuries for centuries. They are cut with a special step cut, called the emerald cut. There is also the brilliant, star or mixed cut used. Until the 19th century the global market was dominated by emeralds from Colombia. Emerald deposits in the Ural Mountains, North America, Austria, South Africa, India and Zimbabwe were discovered much later.

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