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We have put all our efforts into making online shopping quick, safe and easy and we have optimised the process of placing orders so every customer can purchase his or her dreamed-of jewellery without any problems.

Customer advisors

If you want to learn more about YES or inquire about a specific product, campaign or promotion, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Advisors. They will answer all questions connected with the product selection and individual stages of completing your order. Our Advisors are available from Monday through Friday between ... and …

Magda Markowska
Senior Customer Advisor
Tel.: 61 861 12 92 61 861 12 92

Any comments or potential complaints regarding the products and the level of service in YES shops should be submitted to the Customer Spokesperson who will investigate the matter quickly and professionally, making every effort to ensure the final decision is satisfactory for you. Our Spokesperson is at your disposal from Monday through Friday between ... and …

Customer Spokesperson
Marica Pytlik-Żurek
tel.: 61 861 12 89 61 861 12 89


Credit card payments in our online shop are secured by PayPal. More information can be found in the Regulations section.

Because we value our credibility, we provide all the information about our products, order completion conditions, receiving orders and complaints, as well as all the details of our company with utmost scrupulousness and sense of responsibility.


We make every effort to ensure the jewellery offered on YES is of the highest quality. If you believe that the jewellery quality is not entirely satisfactory, please follow the steps below.

As defined in point …, a package with the jewellery you want to complain about should, whenever possible, include a receipt or invoice as well as a description of the product flaw. In order to complain about a product customers are requested to complete the proper form.

The faulty product and the receipt can be … or sent to the company’s address:
YES Biżuteria Sp. z o.o.
ul. Świerzawska 1
60-321 Poznań

More information about complaints connected with products bought on the YES website can be found in the Regulations section.