YES Calendar 2014 Premiere

The night of 12 November became an opportunity to see the photographs of the model, Patrycja Gardygajło, which took their place in the 2014 YES Calendar. The premiere was organised in the former printing house of Express Wieczorny and Sztandar Młodych, Polish post-war magazines. The light and modern interiors of the Pin–Up Studio in Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw was an ideal background for a delicate and warm story captured in clean and subtle frames by photographer Marcin Kempski.

“The most beautiful thing to do is to be yourself”. The leitmotiv and message of the 2014 YES Calendar was a woman’s ability to express her own natural and distinct character. This is a portrait of a contemporary woman whose individuality is created by simplicity.

During the premiere the entertainment was provided by Aga Zaryan, the jazz vocalist and the first Polish artist whose records are released by the legendary Blue Note Records. The guests had a chance to listen to the songs from her latest record called Remembering Nina & Abbey, which had its Polish premiere the same day.

The guests were also enchanted by the exceptional shine of the new Metropolitan ring with a YES Ideal Diamond®. It was the third great debut of the night. The unique and sophisticated design aroused many emotions and people’s delight. The event was attended by YES fans, celebrities and authors of previous editions of the YES Calendar.

In the picture: Andrzej Cieplik, Marcin Kempski, Monika Klejewska, Mateusz Madelski, Michał Dąbal, Wojciech Grzybała, Kuba Kosma.

In the picture: Marcin Kempski, Marcin Różyc.

In the picture: Marcin Kempski.

In the picture: Zosia Ślotała, Mikołaj Komar, Mateusz Madelski, Jessica Mercedes Kirschner.

In the picture: Tomson, Monika Klejewska, Baron.

In the picture: Magdalena Łuniewska, Krzysztof Madelski, Monika Klejewska, Marta Hewusz.

In the picture: Zuza Krajewska, Baron, Bartek Wieczorek.

In the picture: Magdalena Łuniewska, Michał Dąbal.

In the picture: Aldona Karczmarczyk, Monika Klejewska.

In the picture: Aga Zaryan.

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