YES Calendar 2017 Backstage

From traditional photographs to an innovative form – in the latest edition of the YES Calendar we set off for a fantastic journey inside a woman’s soul. The scenery for the photo session was Warmia – a fairy-tale geographical region in the north of Poland, which is famous for its picturesque lakes and forests. An authentic woman, who is full of natural glow and spiritual sensuality, was presented against the beautiful landscapes of Warmia.

In the picture: Dawid Marcinkowski, Kuba Kossak.

The photographs also present the new signature jewellery collections created by YES Designers.

In the picture: Monika Klejewska, Mateusz Madelski, Kasia Kifert, Dawid Marcinkowski.

The 2017 YES Calendar was created by The Kissinger Twins: Katarzyna Kifert and Dawid Marcinkowski – directors, photographers and multimedia artists. Their films as well as photography and interactive projects have won many awards, including the Internet “Oscar” called Webby Awards 2013 for their The Trip film. They combine their work for the biggest international brands with making experimental artistic projects.

In the picture: Ola Kędrzyńska, Maciej Dąbroś.

In the picture: Andrzej Sobolewski, Ola Kędrzyńska.

Emerald lakes and deep forests surrounded by fog create an ideal scenery for the story presented in the latest edition of the YES Calendar – summed up a photographer, Katarzyna Kifert. Looking through the sensitive eye of her camera she discovers the secret of nature and a woman’s soul. She portraits women and upholds them for their depth, changeability and magic.

Nature and water as a natural space of shine and uninhibited expression have become a leitmotiv of the 2017 YES Calendar. They symbolise freedom, unity with nature and mystical power of purification. The shining water surface was the background for the muse of the calendar – a model, Ola Kędrzyńska. It demonstrated the power of her femininity; the power that was drawn from nature.

An authentic feminine soul can be seen in a completely new dimension: We want every encounter with the model, especially the moment when the eye contact is made, to have a magical and unexpected character, different every time one looks at the calendar – said a photographer, Dawid Marcinkowski. The authors kept the unusual form of the expression a secret. The innovative form of the YES Calendar was revealed during its premiere this autumn.

In the picture: Magda Atkins, Ola Kędrzyńska.

In the picture: Sława Madelska, Monika Klejewska, Mateusz Madelski, Ola Kędrzyńska, Jessica Mercedes Kirschner.

fot. Mateusz Madelski

Photos and direction: Katarzyna Kifert (The Kissinger Twins)
Creation and direction: Dawid Marcinkowski (The Kissinger Twins)
Model: Ola Kędrzyńska
Operator: Kuba Kossak
Stylization: Andrzej Sobolewski
Make-up: Magda Atkins
Hair: Michał Bielecki
Project Managers: Monika Klejewska, Mateusz Madelski
Backstage photos: Wojtek Pawłowski
Backstage video: Tomek Ptasiński