YES Concept Store

YES Concept Store, a place that attracts and seduces, was opened on 27 April 2016 in one of the most popular streets in Warsaw. Come and see the shine of amazing rings with a YES Ideal Diamond®, taste some champagne, and discover the authentic family atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the World of YES!

The inauguration was distinguished by an exhibition of photographs from the 2016 YES Calendar taken by Polish photographer, Agata Pospieszyńska. The face of the calendar is the top Polish model, Alicja Tubilewicz. On this occasion the five-carat Metropolitan ring with a unique YES Ideal Diamond ®YES gleamed with an exceptional shine.

The YES Concept Store is located in a Rodryg Mroczkowski historic townhouse in Warsaw – a building which is more than 100 years old and which has survived World War II. Its interiors, designed by one of the best Polish architectural studio, Wierszyłłowski i Projektanci, is a perfect match between the atmosphere of inviting space and an exclusive showroom with exceptional jewellery. Everyone who comes to the YES Concept Store can purchase inspirational albums devoted to design, fashion and jewellery art. You can also see the photographs from all the sessions organised for the YES Calendar. Your favourite photographs with their authors’ autographs can be bought in a limited collector’s edition.

The mixture of styles defines not only the building itself but also the idea expressing the diverse character of the YES Concept Store. In a split second it can change to a venue for musical experiences and premieres of new collections or an elegant jewellery showroom. This is where culture, art and business meet and have fun together. "We want the YES Concept Store to become a friendly place of meetings for customers, stylists, bloggers, journalists and YES Friends," says Monika Klejewska, Marketing Manager at YES.

This is a thriving place; sociable and open to people. It will entice you with its interior design, fantastic events and the shine of YES Collections. It is here that the dazzling rings with YES Ideal Diamonds® will be presented in a special Dark Room. There are always champagne and sweet treats waiting for everyone visiting the YES Concept Store.

The premiere of the YES Concept Store attracted many YES Friends, renowned artists, journalists and other guests. The townhouse in 57 Mokotowska Street was visited by such celebrities as journalist Ania Wendzikowska, singer Kasia Stankiewicz, designers Ewa Szabatin and Ania Kuczyńska, photograpers Lidia Popiel and Zuza Krajewska, actress Katarzyna Warnke, models Natalia Siwiec, Paulina Krupińska and Marcelina Zawadzka, the editor-in-chief of K MAG lifestyle magazine Mikołaj Komar as well as many other representatives from the world of culture, fashion and art.

Concept Store YES -  Mokotowska 57 Street, Warsaw.

In the picture: Natalia Siwiec.

In the picture: Paulina Krupińska.

In the picture: Anna Wendzikowska.

In the picture: Krzysztof Madelski and Michał Kwiatkiewicz.

In the picture: Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski.

In the picture: Zuza Krajewska with her Partner and Mateusz Madelski.

In the picture: Paulina Krupińska.

In the picture: Natalia Siwiec and Jessica Kirschner.

In the picture: Kasia Stankiewicz.

In the picture: Magda Dąbrowska, Mateusz Madelski and Monika Klejewska.

In the picture: Kasia Bukowska and Magda Dąbrowska.

In the picture: Zuzanna Wachowiak.

In the picture: Marcelina Zawadzka, Wujaszek Liestyle and Paulina Krupińska.

In the picture: Marcelina Zawadzka, Jan Poniński and Paulina Krupińska.

In the picture: Lidia Popiel.

In the picture: Marcelina Zawadzka.

In the picture: Ania Kuczyńska.

In the picture: Aga Samsel and Agnieszka Maciejak.

In the picture: Ekskluzywny Menel and Jestem Kasia.

In the picture: Renata Kaczoruk.

In the picture: Katarzyna Warnke.

In the picture: Anna Wendzikowska, Mikołaj Rej and Michael Hekmat.

In the picture: Andrzej Sobolewski.

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