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YES World

For over 35 years we have been bringing out emotion and awakening desire, by creating jewellery that expresses Your inner Radiance. We emphasise the pure form, refined details and shape. We find uniqueness in naturalness.

For over 35 years we have been bringing out emotion and awakening desire, by creating jewellery that expresses Your inner Radiance. We emphasise the pure form, refined details and shape. We find uniqueness in naturalness.

The lightness, freedom from schema and brilliance!

The 10th jubilee edition, in an exceptional way, connects and closes the pursuit of beauty to date. The leitmotiv are the emotions: ‘joie de vivre’ or lightness, unpretentiousness, freedom from schema. In the stylish interiors of the YES Concept Store, the hypnotising Zosia Nowak stepped in front of Bart Pogoda’s lens.

2016 A place that attracts and seduces - Concept Store YES

On one of the most popular streets in Warsaw opened a magical showroom and lounge - YES Concept Store.
From this moment on, Mokotowska 57 transformed itself into an extraordinary place for meetings of clients, artists and friends of YES.

2016 KPMG’s ranking for Forbes

Every day we strive to enhance the consumer buying process by ensuring comfort and addressing our customers’ expectations. High engagement translates into numerous distinctions in countrywide rankings on customer relationships. According to the KPMG’s ranking, prepared for Forbes on a monthly basis, YES is one of the companies who understand their customers best.

2016 YES Scholarship Programme selects the most talented!

The YES Scholarship Programme was created in cooperation with the Made in Art Foundation – a project aimed at supporting young artists who translate their own vision into modern market needs.

2015 Daymaker Index Ranking

In the jewellery industry, quality refers not only to the product, but also to customer service. We train our personnel continuously by boosting their qualifications of consultancy skills and jewellery knowledge. The quality of customer relationship and service has been acclaimed in Daymaker Index rankings, in which in recent years YES has come in first place.

2013 Ania Kuczyńska for YES

Ania Kuczyńska, known from harmonious juxtapositions of modern design and traditional forms, designed the collection Ania Kuczyńska for YES. Cultural archetypes – hearts, crosses and stars become inspiration for minimalist jewellery.

2012 YES rebranding

YES refreshed their image and upgraded the most important sign. The new logo – black characters on a white background – refers to emotion and elegance, emphasising the original nature of YES Jewellery.

2012 The Ideal YES® Diamond

Following the search for creative solutions, the Ideal YES Diamond ® was born. An especially developed cut – 82 facets placed expertly one next to the other – results in the brightest shine, which is confirmed by the BrilliantScope® technology and the GemEx certificate. It has been placed in all flagship solitaire rings: Eternel, Valentine, Metropolitan, Amore and Stella.

2011 Krzysztof Stróżyna for YES

Uniqueness embedded in the origins of YES meets the concept of the designer, Krzysztof Stróżyna. A magnificent collection was created, Krzysztof Stróżyna for YES, which draws upon orchid flowers in its motifs.

2011 Social media

Naturalness and emotion are the values that have been guiding us since YES’ creation. As the first Polish jewellery brand, we began our presence on social media. We first introduced the possibility to express opinions about our products in order to listen to our customers and learn how we can enhance our products to better suit their needs.

2010 YES Calendar

The project of YES Calendar was created to connect the best Polish artists around an extraordinary vision. Each edition tells a story in which the common ground is incredible strength – womanhood.

2006 Young Generation

They have participated in the life of YES since the earliest years, so they became the official reinforcement in 2006.
Mateusz Madelski and Tomek Kwiatkiewicz joined YES as the next generation of family-founders of YES Jewellery.

2003 Launch of

As the first jewellery brand in Poland, YES launched online sales. The online shop took off on the previously created website.

1998 YES designers

In 1998, Magda Dąbrowska joined the YES team. (Amongst her works we can find e.g. CompassValentineKiddyPaisley), and a few years later, in 2007, Kasia Bukowska (the author of the Studio Y line jewellery and collections like SkarabeuszBlow DiamondsMolly or Space). New collections suggested by both designers contributed to the original character of the brand.

1996 Advertising campaign

YES created the first press product campaign on the Polish jewellery market. The slogan ‘Women prefer diamonds!’ promoted selected designs of gemstone jewellery.

1993 First YES Showrooms

The opening of the first YES Showrooms in Poznań marked the beginning of the retail network development.
Currently, there are over 140 all across Poland.

1983 Peacocks Collection

It gave birth to the YES Jewellery original collections. Biżuterii YES. Designed by architect Paweł Krysztop, the collection of fishnet forms presented a silhouette of a peacock and was created using an original technique. After 30 years, the Pavoni collection was created – a tribute symbolising grandness and gratitude.

1981 Private artisan workshop

What was originally part-time work producing jewellery becomes a passion. Out of love of design and creating beautiful pieces arises an artisan workshop, which 2 years later is given the name YES Jewellery.